Maren Wood Midwifery, LLC - Maren Wood, Certified Professional Midwife, RM
There is a set fee for complete midwifery services. The amount varies based on when you pay and if you want me to bill your insurance. I use a billing service, so there is an additional cost for that.  
My fee includes:
  • All prenatal visits
  • A Homebirth booklet containing a compilation of helpful information
  • Education and nutritional support throughout pregnancy
  • Care during your labor and birth
  • Use of one of my birth tubs
  • Postpartum care for 6 to 8 weeks for both mother and baby
  • Support at the hospital if transfer is needed
  • Insurance billing after the birth
  • Completing the birth certificate
What my fee doesn't include:
  • Lab work, approx. $125(can be billed to insurance)
  • Ultrasound if needed or wanted
  • Childbirth classes (I provide referrals for classes)
  • Your birth kit
  • A certified copy of your birth certificate