Maren Wood Midwifery, LLC - Maren Wood, Certified Professional Midwife, RM
More about Me
I am married and have three beautiful children. I had all of my children at home with the support of my midwife and my husband. Each of my births was a unique challenge for me. I feel I became a mother the moment I gave birth and that each birth taught me what I needed to be for each of my children.

I was born at home in Utah. I'm the youngest of six and the only one born at home. My Father actually read "Spiritual Midwifery", by Ina May Gaskin and felt he could help my Mother. I moved to Colorado when I was eight. I grew up in the Lakewood/Golden area and currently live in Conifer. I enjoy living in the foothills west of Denver. I love our community and mountain lifestyle.

Although having my three children at home has helped me in many ways as a midwife, it is my deep rooted belief that this is my life path that keeps me commitment to be “with women” during childbirth. This commitment drives me to be a good midwife and to support the longevity of midwifery in Colorado. I have supported and served on the Board on Directors of the Colorado Midwives Association as my way of continually working for the cause of midwifery.

My road to becoming a Midwife -

There are many roads to becoming a midwife. There are also many women who feel the draw towards this unique line of work. I traveled the path designed by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). This organization honors the apprentice model of hands on experience. I have completed the Portfolio Evaluation Process (PEP) am now a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM).
I became interested in midwifery while I was pregnant with my second child, my son. After his birth I talked to Jan about my desire to become a midwife. About a year later (2003) I attended my first student conference held by the Colorado Midwives Association. I soon became involved with student study groups. I also became pregnant with my third child at that time. When my youngest was over a year I took a midwife assistant training with Tracy Ryan, CNM and Kris Bagiu, CPM. I assisted at my first birth in February of 2005. I also started assisting Jan that summer. I started my apprenticeship with Jan at the end of 2005. We have been working together since then.

My training has included numerous classes, study groups, clinical hours, and birth assistant work with a number of Denver Midwives and went for over eight years total. It is such an honor and a blessing to share in the miracle of life. I am so grateful to all the wonderful families who have lovingly opened up to me.

This is a picture of me with Ina May Gaskin. It was taken in front of Jan's house. She stayed with Jan during the Colorado Midwives Association (CMA) conference in May of 2007. It was truly awesome to spend time with her! It was also wonderful to hear her speak about important topics for midwives. I have enjoyed attending and helping with conferences.