Maren Wood Midwifery, LLC - Maren Wood, Certified Professional Midwife, RM
Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you are here to learn about home birth and midwifery!

I am a midwife in the Denver Metro area of Colorado. I provide individualized midwifery care to families choosing a homebirth. I work with women who are low risk and want a natural birth.
I service the Denver Metro area and west up into the foothills. My care includes prenatal care, nutritional support, childbirth preparation, labor and birth, and postpartum mother and baby care.

I respect birth and a woman's ability to give birth naturally. I believe that every birth is unique and an opportunity for learning and growth for everyone involved. Women who are allowed to give birth in their own way with the support they need are able to become fully empowered by the awesome experience of birth. It is a right of passage that every woman and family must travel.

If you find the information here of interest, please call me to set up a free consultation at 303-849-6952, or email me at

My office is located at
1777 S. Bellaire Street, Suite 375
Denver, CO 80112 

From I-25 and Colorado Blvd., go north on Colorado Blvd. one block to Mexico, turn right (east) on Mexico, go east one block to Bellaire St.
turn right (south) on Bellaire, the office will be on the right side.

Reducing of libido is one of the most common problems in family relationships, which usually occurs after childbirth. Why is this happening?
Lack of libido after childbirth has its own reasons, among which the most common:
  • Fatigue caused by childbirth, child care, also by overwork or emotional burnout;
  • Complexes associated with changes in a figure. Problems in the intimate plan arise when woman dissatisfied with the state of her body, but everything is individual. Someone with full forms feels confident;
  • Looping on baby issues;
  • Postpartum depression;
  • Hormonal changes. During breastfeeding, the level of the hormone prolactin increases, which reduces the power of libido, thereby participating in the formation of the new "child care" dominant, but the instinct and "continuation of the family" dominant are suppressed. As a result - a decrease in libido;
  • Psychological problems, stress. In most cases, it is psychological problems that prevent a woman from getting pleasure.
Attention should be paid to such a feature of the female body that immediately after giving birth, there is no sexual attraction. Doctors do not recommend to have sex for the first 6 weeks after giving birth.
What if you need a quick effect?
If you are planning a romantic evening soon and are worried that you may have problems with sexual arousal, then pay attention to specialized medicaments, such as Cialis This drug is manufactured by many Indian pharmaceutical companies. It is able to increase female libido to a possible maximum for about 32-36 hours.