Maren Wood Midwifery, LLC - Maren Wood, Certified Professional Midwife, RM
My Birth Philosophy
I believe that women are empowered by birth. Making a conscious choice to birth with full awareness sets a woman on a path of power. Even if her birth doesn’t end up the way she pictured it, she has made a choice to live in awareness and will learn and grow.

Homebirth is a great option for women who want a natural birth. A natural birth can vary greatly from woman to woman and birth to birth. As a midwife I allow birth to unfold in it's own natural and unique way. I will guide and assist the process as needed and requested. Birth is not something we can fit into our daily lives. It is simple, yet profound. I respect each birth I am a part of as a miracle. I'm humbly honored to share in such an important event for every family.
The fact that homebirth is a safe choice for low risk women has been well documented. In 2005 the British Medical Journal published a study of all homebirths attended by Certified Professional Midwives (CPM's) taking place in North America in the year 2000. The study results indicated a 12% transfer rate, and a 3.7% Cesarean section rate. The conclusion stated, "Planned homebirth for low risk women in North America using CPMs are associated with lower rates of medical mortality to that of low risk hospital births in the US."
In Colorado, Registered Midwives provide holistic care that follows the "Midwifery Model of Care" and Rules and Regulations through the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies. Working within these parameters allows for the safest possible birth. When a concern arises during pregnancy, birth or postpartum I use the good working relationships I have with great doctors and/or hospitals able to see my clients. If it becomes clear that home is not the safest place for a client I would transfer care and continue to support and give guidance through their birth experience. The number one goal is always a healthy Mother and Baby!