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To return sex after childbirth: mission possible!
Reducing of libido is one of the most common problems in family relationships, which usually occurs after childbirth. Why is this happening?
Lack of libido after childbirth has its own reasons, among which the most common:
  • Fatigue caused by childbirth, child care, also by overwork or emotional burnout;
  • Complexes associated with changes in a figure. Problems in the intimate plan arise when woman dissatisfied with the state of her body, but everything is individual. Someone with full forms feels confident;
  • Looping on baby issues;
  • Postpartum depression;
  • Hormonal changes. During breastfeeding, the level of the hormone prolactin increases, which reduces the power of libido, thereby participating in the formation of the new "child care" dominant, but the instinct and "continuation of the family" dominant are suppressed. As a result - a decrease in libido;
  • Psychological problems, stress. In most cases, it is psychological problems that prevent a woman from getting pleasure.
Attention should be paid to such a feature of the female body that immediately after giving birth, there is no sexual attraction. Doctors do not recommend to have sex for the first 6 weeks after giving birth.
What if you need a quick effect?
If you are planning a romantic evening soon and are worried that you may have problems with sexual arousal, then pay attention to specialized medicaments, such as Cialis This drug is manufactured by many Indian pharmaceutical companies. It is able to increase female libido to a possible maximum for about 32-36 hours.
How can a woman improve her sexual life after giving birth?
1. You need to have rest as much as possible. It is unacceptable to keep your body in endless tension. In those moments when the child fell asleep, the woman is simply obliged to sleep, putting aside all things to do.
2. Engage in normalizing your body. Balance your nutrition. You should be more often in the open air: moreover, the baby also needs it.
3. Refuse bad habits which only exacerbate risk factors and impede the returning of libido.
4. Spend as much time as possible to communicate with your soulmate. Find a window in your busy schedule for it. It can be morning, evening or night 30-40 minutes.
5. Find ways to help you emphasize that your husband is as desirable as before. Do not avoid bodily contacts: hugs, light touches, massage will allow you and your husband to concentrate on those which excite both of you.
6. Do not refuse intimacy, even if during the first (after childbirth) sexual contacts you do not feel anything. Gradually, affection of your husband and your desire to please him will awaken your sensuality.
7. A man should be the most gentle and attentive during the first intimacy after childbirth. Gradually you will find a new approach to your intimate life, you will diversify it. New poses, tender prelude, erotic games will help you to restore your libido.
8. Remember about your diet, in which you must include foods rich in vitamins A, E. Do not forget to eat protein foods rich in zinc, magnesium, manganese. Include in the diet seafood.
How does “Female Cialis” work?
Cialis pills block PDE-5, thus relaxing the muscles of the blood vessels and restoring the natural flow of blood to the pelvis when excited. During sexual stimulation a woman's chest is poured, her clitoris, large and small labia also increases in size. The vagina begins to produce a natural lubricant and there is no need to use extra lubricants. Cialis has a very natural effect of releasing sensual reserves and increasing the degree of pleasure obtained.
Indian generic is available in pill form, each of which contains 20 mg of Tadalafil. It is recommended to begin taking of this medicament with ½ pill no more than once a day (24 hours). But you can increase the dose to the whole tablet if necessary. The drug is taken orally without bindings to meals, at any time of the day. The tangible effect comes in 30-50 minutes and lasts up to 32-36 hours. Alcohol does not affect the action of tadalafil, but it abuse can lead to unpleasant side effects.
Using of “Female Cialis” is prohibited during the planning period of conception, pregnancy and lactation!!!